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About The Course

Vim has been the editor of choice for power-developers for decades, but it's always had an ethos of being hard to learn and harder to configure.

No More!

The LazyVim distribution has crafted a delightful and powerful out-of-the-box experience that is on par with any modern IDE. Configuration is either unnecessary or simple.

That takes care of the "configuration" problem, but in order to use LazyVim effectively, you must first know how to use LazyVim.

This course was written for developers who want to ramp up on modal editing with Neovim. It is approachable and digestible, but most of all, it is comprehensive. It collects tips and tricks gained from over two decades of using Vim, and is written with the gentle humour Dusty Phillips brings to all his work.

About the Author

Dusty Phillips

Dusty Phillips is a software developer and author. His most popular book, Python Object Oriented Programming is now in its 4th edition, though Dusty is no longer a fan of OOP!

Dusty began coding in QBasic, Visual Basic, and Java as a teenager, but settled on a career in Python long before it became popular. He was the first person to write a book on Python 3 and was part of the team instrumental in bringing Python 3 to Instagram and Facebook. More recently, he enjoys experimenting with esoteric programming languages, many articles on which can be found on his blog.

Dusty has worked for a wide variety of companies, from two person startups to the world's largest social network (and the world's largest government), and companies of all sizes in between.

Dusty lives with his wife and 75 acres of trees in New Brunswick, Canada. The two of them recently co-founded Fablehenge, a platform for novelists to organize and write their stories.


Dusty welcomes your support on Patreon or GitHub. There is a textbook's worth of content here, but please value it as you see fit.

Release Cadence

I will be releasing chapters as they are edited, targeting a new chapter every week or two. Early drafts will be posted to my Patreon account at least two weeks before the edited versions are made public.

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